Monday again…

So it’s Monday morning… you may note that I didn’t do Friday Fun Things last week, as I was in a First Aid Course all day.  Remarkable how things change from the 2 years ago I last did first aid training.  Now portable defribulators are all the rage.  We had to laugh at them too, because the recorded voice (who sounds just like the man on the time telephone service – “at the 3rd stroke it will 1245 and 17 seconds”)  tells you what to do, and then tells you to do CPR and “compress the chest in time with the tones…dong…dong…dong…dong…”  And in direct contrast to his plummy BBC voice, the tones are a funky electric bass.  Obviously I’m sure you wouldn’t find this remotely amusing if you were busy trying to save someone’s life.  Saturday my shoulders were quite sore from pumping those Little Annie dummies, because they’re so damn hard!

I also managed to do some tidying in my workroom on Saturday, as well as the requisite housework.  Still on a mission to rid the workroom of junk, thus improving my productivity due to feng shui blah blah.  My shelves have not collapsed yet, so that is gratifying.

Sunday the sun was shining so HP and I got to cleaning up the front yard a bit, as my Rover was under the gum tree and consequently filthy.  [As an aside, our magpie family have two nice healthy babies just out of the nest.] But we had to move a trailer full of engines to get it out. And mow the lawn.  And move boxes of junk.  And move the motorbikes. And I washed the outside windows. Argh!  Consequently the place looks somewhat tidier now, and the Rover is all sparklypegs again.  Still haven’t decided on a number plate for it.  HP pointed out to me that I should buy a number plate about me so that I can put it on any car I get in the future, not just the Rover.  Alas, all the good combinations of Steph are taken, and I don’t really want to get one with an obscure nickname, as I’ll get sick of idiots asking me what it means.

Anyway, here’s a man hard at work in the front yard:


The all-new-gas-powered-electric-trolley-mobile. Piddy wasn’t impressed really:


Then were so knackered, but went to do grocery shopping and I wore my ugg boots.  Luckily that makes me blend in with the locals here in Bogan County.

This was in my mailbox at work this morning and made me laugh out loud:


Just as wellI got a laugh really because the bloke in the office next door to mine was all in a dither because they’ve been told that they’re getting my office.  Looks like my days here are numbered.


4 Responses to “Monday again…”

  1. 1 katey b Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at 2:44 am

    ok steph, so i have to ask…
    is that “all-new-gas-powered-electric-trolley-mobile” a LAWN MOWER!?!
    im a bit perplexed. maybe too american? i dont know…
    anywho congrats to you & hp on the baby magpies :) any picts?

  2. 2 katey b Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at 2:45 am

    arg… i hate that smiley thing. i have to remember NOT to do that on your blog… i forget every time!

  3. 3 drewzel Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at 9:29 am

    Will take some magpie pics for you!

    Nah it’s just an electric flat bed trolley, HP put the LPG gas bottle for my Rover on top of it, and then sat on the whole lot. So he’s just being silly.

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