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Just found this over at Lara’s blog, and it’s a cheery thing for a weary back-to-work me.  Although I haven’t been tagged as making anyone’s day, I thought sharing the bloggie lurve is always good!

I quote:Here’s the rules:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs (or 10 according to some) that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they’ve won by commenting on their blogs.

Lara was saying that she didn’t just want to pick her friends, however, I’m a different kettle o’fish, as its my bloggy friends that have the ability to make my day. (Ah Clint, I love him!)  I have lots of bloggy friendies that I like to read, so here’s 6 regular reads.
1. Lobster girl – my favourite lobster, I can always relate to her posts, and she has her ups and downs, just like me.  And also has lots of fun!
2. Hyena In Petticoats – Leah’s blog is always enjoyable reading for me, I love her style, her craft and her collections of ideas and kewl things.  And she’s also really down to earth, a quality that I feel is sometimes lacking in uber-crafty blogs. I can’t relate to the fab “perfect children, perfect home, perfect craft” bloggers that are out there, so I really like Leah’s wavelength, she’s fab but normal!  And she collects Meakin too!
3. Laura – was my handbag making inspiration, and always interests me, often because she’ll discuss things that wouldn’t even cross my mind.  She also likes pirate doors, Woods Ware and multiple cats. My only criticism, post more often Miss Tartan!
4.  Bitter Betty – basically because she’s inspirational, and she has a good way of expressing the thoughts I have but can’t put together…she hits the nail on the head, while I’m still grasping for words.  And crafty goodness too.
5. Lovestitches – I used to think I was the only 30-something Steph out there…but there’s a few of us I’ve found.  I love reading Steph’s blog, her crafty endeavours, op-shopping and everyday activities.  Also for the same sorts of reasons that I like Leah’s blog. 
6. California Girl at Heart – squeezing in an extra one…Gigi has such a pink delight of a blog, and other sub-blogs that are all eye candy goodness.  I wish I could bake like the G, and check out her Flickr pics for her super thrift finds and crafty gorgeousness!

And a special mention to Pip, who I didn’t include because I know lots of other bloggy peeps will tag her already.  She’s a little ray o’ sunshine.  (PS. Have you checked out Brown Owls? I’m a Seconder, hee!)  Of course, Lara’s blog where I found this meme is also super goodly, but we’d be going round in circles then if I listed that one. Okay, now off to comment and tag the aforementioned blogs.


3 Responses to “Go ahead…”

  1. 1 Gigi Minor Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Thanks Steph! I feel so special to be on your list!!!

  2. 2 Hyena In Petticoats Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Fab but Normal! Yay!
    I’m so pleased that that is what you see on my blog – exactly what I’m striving for….

    Thanks so much for the award – I’ll get working on my list right away….

    Thanks again!

    Leah xxxxxxx

  3. 3 lovestitches Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Thanks for listing me! I’ll do this once I get over the pain of moving a houseload of furniture for 8 hours without movers.

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