Things that get up my goat

…as Kath and Kim would say.

It’s meme time, and this one suits me as right now I’m a bit of a cranky pants. I’m waiting for my new medication to kick in…apparently 3 or 4 weeks said the Chemist when he filled my script.

So as LazyCow put it “Petty concerns or things that shit me to tears”…in no particular order. Apparently there’s supposed to be 25, let’s see how I go.

1. People who stand in your personal space when they’re behind you in a slow queue. It makes me so cross, I just want to turn around and punch them. And it’s not going to make the queue move any faster by you pushing into me. Turd.

2. Apologies to those nice people who use them, but the Flickr flash badges where one photo at a time pops up and then retreats into a background mosiac. If I’m trying to go to your blog page, and you’ve got one of those badges, it makes my poor laptop’s brain churn and the whole thing freezes up.

3. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and any of those celebrities that people just crap on about endlessly. *yawn* …so over it.

4. Any of those trashy celebrity magazines, it’s all made up crap, and I don’t really care. Give me facts or give me nothing. I don’t want to know what toilet paper Johnny Depp apparently uses or who Drew Barrymore is supposedly dating now, I just want to watch the films. In a similar vein, the way New Idea and Woman’s Day magazines are now just total trash crap. Years ago they actually had lots of crafts, info and recipes and were reasonably appealing.

5. People leaving shopping trolleys on random suburban footpaths.

6. Science fiction TV. Sorry if you’re a fan, but HP watches the Sci-Fi channel a lot on Optus and I really can’t stomach a lot of it, especially the later Star Trek series. ‘Lexx’ is on now, as I type this. The only one I don’t mind is ‘Stargate’ due to the MacGyver factor.
7. Fleas, I’m allergic to them. Not in a life or death way, but my skin swells up in about a 4 inch circle around the bite, and itches like crazy. Given our 2 dogs and 4 kittahs, we’re always battling against them.

8. “Doof-doof” music in cars.

9. People who think “how are you?” and “hello” are interchangable. What’s the point of asking someone in passing how they are if you’re gone by the time they can even answer you?

10. The state of my local railway station. It’s just ugly, grotty, dirty, and despite nearby police presence and council efforts, always full of suss people looking for money or illegal drugs.

11. Speaking of drugs, the lack of any real Government support or discounts for working people who have to be on long term medication. Although, things could be worse I guess, other countries have no health care at all.  And also, the Government should support non-cosmetic dental care. For everyone.

12. Dog hair. On. Everything. I’m sure there’s undiscovered tribes in the darkest jungles that have some of my dogs’ hair in their huts, clothes and mysteriously appearing in their food.

13. E-bay. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

14. Time. I blink and I’ve lost half a day. What’s going on? And don’t start me on quantum physics.

15. The fact that I can’t get a grasp of the principles of basic physics, let alone quantum.

16. How every time when you Google anything now, all you seem to get is e-bay (see #13).

17. When people take what they read on the internet and Wikipedia as gospel. Uh, yeah.

18. Much ado about nothing… usually in relation to brand new 4wd’s, Corey what’s his name party boy, reality tv, crappy girly pop singers, and all those other things that the world tries to tell me is super fab.

19. That show on late night TV “The Mint”. How stupid are people?

20. Christmas stress, obligation and commercialisation. Same for all the holidays really.
21. People knocking on my door, trying to sell me something who can’t speak English clearly. I’m all for people having a go, but I hate door to door sales anyway, so it just makes me extra cranky if I can’t understand you. I’m sorry, but if your communication skills are lacking, you need to improve them before you hit the streets. And don’t knock on my doors.

22. Those ads for hit songs, silly ringtones, games and crap that you can SMS and get. Actually the whole concept shits me. And the fact that I haven’t had a mobile yet that can just do me a basic “brrrring brrring” ringtone. Oh, and the latest ads, “text your names to this number and we’ll tell you your love compatibility”. Arggggggghhh.

23. End of the money before end of the fortnight. I wish I was still paid weekly!

24. The GST. Who voted for it? Taxes on taxes. Grrrr. Whenever I ask people they say “we didn’t vote for them”. Yeah, right.
25. I’m annoyed with myself for feeling guilty about making a list of things that shit me. I know I’m fortunate in lots of ways, and am lucky to have only minor gripes (although everyone has a big problem or two, but I’m not going to blog about mine) so I feel guilty about having a whinge.

Petty concerns indeed.

Okay, I am going to tag some people when I get it together, but in the meantime, if you’re reading, you’re tagged. What’s up your goat?


9 Responses to “Things that get up my goat”

  1. 1 Jenna Z Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Awesome list! I have been building a list of my utter and complete pet peeves in my mind for some time so I don’t think you should feel any guilt about it! I will type mine up tonight!

  2. 2 drewzel Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Yay! As my friend the Knitting Knazi would say “Long live the curmudgeon!”

  3. 3 Sara Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    HELL YEAH – I’ll take 1 to 25 please. And a whole lot more to boot. I was just screaming on the inside an hour or so ago while trapped in a never-ending claustrophobic queue at Big W, reading the covers of trash mags (Jennifer Anniston is crying about what?) while some idiot tried in vain to eftpos $7 worth of Valentine’s card (oh, those tricky machines), thinking to myself…gee I should write down a list of things that annoy me. No need – therapy can be found here!

  4. 4 Drewzel Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    Go Sara, can’t wait to see the list!!

    A couple more things I decided today :

    26. Chicks who think it’s okay to just drop those plastic wrappers that tampons come in wherever they like in communal toilets. How hard is it to bin them, girls? I usualy notice this at work.

    27. Another work one, people who can’t make a cup of instant coffee without spilling coffee and sugar all over the bench and leaving milk dribbles on the sink.

    28. Suburbs with no through roads, just streets and courts that curve everywhere, and dead ends. What’s wrong with a grid pattern anyway?

  5. 5 Sara Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Metaphorically smoking a big cigarette right now. Why was 25 not enough?

  6. 6 drewzel Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Oooh, must have been good, if you need a big cigga! Off to read it now.

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