This is…my menagerie

This week’s "this is" theme, chosen by Kyla, super easy for me.  My critters, mostly feline and canine.  I could crap on about them for ages, gawd knows what I’d be like if I had kids, if I’m like this about the pets.
Dogs_life[It’s a dog’s life for Ozzy]

Any regular readers will know Ozzy and Lola, my staffies.  Some people think they are totally crazy-arse, but it’s just because they get super-excited by any people coming to see them.  Most of the time they’re happy to sit with you (or on you) doing whatever you’re doing and generally getting underfoot.  They think they’re little people, and they really do make you feel loved, as they’ll bowl you over with enthusiasm and tail wagging every time they see you.  Ozzy is 4 and Lola will be 2 in November.  Ozzy is of course, Osbourne, named after the Sabbath’ed one.  Lola is named after Jack Osbourne’s bulldog, as HP didn’t want to name her "Sharon".


Oz Lola


And of course, Drewzel, she was born in ’94 and I can’t imagine not having her around, although I know one day I will be Drew-less.  She’s a bad-tempered cranky old bag, with an attitude, but we love her anyway:

Gatsby, Drewzel’s son, is the grey longhair, he was born in ’96.  He thinks he’s a dog, is somewhat dumb (that’s putting it kindly) but has a lovely nature.
Gatz_vacant   Piddy

Little Piddy is the dark brown/black cat, and is the closest thing to an owl I own, she was born in ’97 and has only just in the past two or so years let us pick her up and pat her.  She’s a bit skittish and NQR.


Seb Sebby_snoozy


Sebastian moved in with us a year or so ago, when his original Dad couldn’t keep him anymore.  He’s about 4 years old and is the only cat that likes cuddles and will sit on you and purr.  Sebby spends most of his time asleep. He often has "cranky pants" when he doesn’t get his own way, as he was spoilt as a kitten.

We have Biccy the bunny, the only one left now, as all the others have gone to bunny heaven.

Biccy      Cockatiels

And we also have various cockatiels and budgies and some wee quail.  They just like to whistle and generally be noisy.  (And are very hard to photograph.)

Oh, and I have a goldfish.  Ideally I’d like to have as many critters as I can, but I’ll have to wait until we move out to some acreage to do that.  And given the price of real estate right now, that’s not going to happen for a while.  I really want chooks.  And a wee piggie.


2 Responses to “This is…my menagerie”

  1. 1 CurlyPops Monday, June 2, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    Oh, so now I know where the name Drewzel came from! You have a lot of pets…they’re all very cute though!

  2. 2 kyla Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Oh my, you sure do have a lot of pets. All beautiful! Seems like it is a busy household. I dont know how you keep track, I have 2 cats and sometimes lose them :) Thanks for sharing all your pets this week. It was a pleasure to meet them all.
    Cheers Kyla

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