Today is Knit in Public Day, but to quote this site, Drewzel’s participation = FAIL.  I was going to train it into the city and see who was kitting in Fed Square, but after waking up for my early cup of tea and reading Real Living* in bed, I fell asleep again and woke up at 4.15 pm.  I kid you not.  I think partly because I didn’t take my meds when I woke up, so my get up and go (which got up and went a long time ago) was lacking.  So in honour of knit in public day, I started a green and brown scarf on fat needles and settled for "knit on arse" day.  (As opposed to "knit on ass" day, which would involve burros).  The thing about sleeping all day is that I have some weird, weird dreams.  Today involved dreams about old primary school buddies, an art deco house, and me adopting a friend, his kids and house, which his wife was perfectly happy about.  Odd.  But the kids were intelligent, loveable and well behaved, so I know it must have been a dream (har har).  And of course, the nature of dreams means that it freaked me out, because I certainly don’t want to be with this man, let alone become a new mum to his kids.  And I’m sure his wife would just give him away free to a good home. S’yeah right.

Idle minds come up with non-sensical crap. I should have got up and done the housework – the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it due to the Rattus situation.  I’ve been pulling everything out and cleaning, and throwing out.  The first time I’ve seen (the current) Rattus lately was when it shot past me as I was putting the vinegar back in the pantry. Oh, I won’t start on the Rattus hate again…just that the Clan know we’re onto them and have been treading carefully now, which is making them harder to catch.

Right now I’m watching an old episode of Scrapheap Challenge, where they’re building trebuchets, and HP is discussing the relative merits of each creation.  Gawd I wish I had a decent grasp of physics, I’d like to go to my death having some understanding of the concepts. ("why does a bowling ball drop faster than a feather when you drop them from the same height?")  The other night we were watching the same show and one of the contestants/team members was a little chick with long blonde hair in plaits.  HP was somewhat enchanted by her, which doesn’t bother me, but then the paranoid-psycho in me starts thinking "should I be a blonde?  He likes her looks better than mine, should I change? blah blah blah".  I got over myself pretty quickly, but sometimes I do let the insecurity eat away at me… Anyway what I want to know is, does anyone else experience this? 

In a similar vein, last week I was discussing with a workmate the merits of growing a goatee**, and he said "My wife doesn’t really like it"  I said "So what, do you like it?" He said, "Yeah, but she has to look at me."  This seemed somewhat odd to me, because I’m used to HP saying "It’s your hair, do what you want with it". So are we choosing our haircuts/colour/clothes etc to please ourselves or our partners?  Have you ever wanted to be one of the Corrs because your husband thinks they’re gorgeous?*** This is also on my mind, as I’m due for a hair colour, and am definitely disposing of the mouse brown (Rattus brown?), but no idea what colour to go.  Part of me is seriously considering red, because HP likes redheads best.  See what I mean?  argh!

The_corrs_1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOT Drewzel >>>

* I’ve been trying to wean myself off this mag, although I do enjoy it, to me it’s a bit same-y.  And I don’t think they’re really "keeping it real" anymore, with too much designer stuff and overpriced furniture.  But I had to buy this issue as it had a pic of a staffy on the cover, and a feature on Aunty Cookie.

**him, not me.  Although, give me another 40 years and I’ll probably be able to give it a go.

***except for poor Jim, he has a right to feel a bit ripped off. HP’s fave is Sharon.


3 Responses to “Ramblings…”

  1. 1 CurlyPops Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    I’m sitting here laughing my arse off now. I wish I could have stayed in bed til 4.15. I was woken up by a 16 month old at 6.30 thismorning so now it’s Saturday night and I’m contemplating going to be before 9PM.
    I’m glad you did some knitting even if it wasn’t in public. I didn’t get to touch mine although I’m considering taking it to bed with me to have a go at casting off.
    I did physics in year 11 and 12 and it didn’t help!

  2. 2 Sherrin Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    Your day sounds like… BLISS! Oh god I would love the opportunity to accidentally fall back asleep until a quarter past four, and not have been woken up by one or other of three crazed small boys.

    Was it knit it public day? Ooops. I could have spent my day somewhere trying to cast on a row of stitches for a sad little scarf! hehe

    Thanks for the birdie ID. ;o)

  3. 3 Jenaveve Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 9:19 am

    *Hand raised* Yep, I think it’s a common occurence, experiencing that sort of thing. And I wish I could help you with the hair color choice (must be something in the air right now) – my mousey regrowth is just about shoulder-length with a couple of peroxide bits dangling off the end and I cannot for the life of me come to a decision. But next Thursday I have not choice – booked in, will get colored and cut. Would love to go the Corrs brunette but I’m so damn pale I’d get more of the ‘ghostly’ comments than I do already. I know what we need – one of those Carson-type makeover consultants to do all the hard decision making for us. Mind you, you get out of one of their new hairstyles and two days later you’re left alone with nothing but freshly washed hair, a hairdryer and little to no idea what to do with it.

    Know what you mean about that mag – tried to get into it a few times but it’s all gloss and no guts methinks.

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