I’m a mixwit

I luvs me a mix tape, cd swap, lyric sheet…whatever.  So I’m playing with Mixwit (eternal thanks to Pip for pointing me in it’s direction) and putting some of my faves together.
Maybe you’d like a listen..maybe not.

Cover me #1


Notes: I’m 99.9% sure the cover of Wuthering Heights is by the Decemberists. I love Sia, she’s so underated. I like Del Amitri – a bit of a guilty pleasure.

The Smiths got me through my teenage angst:


Notes: The first time I remember hearing the Smiths was about 83, on Radio2SM’s Sunday night show, in all it’s crackly glory, going straight to a bedroom in Creswick.  [My sister and I had read all about Morrissey in the English pop magazine ‘Smash Hits’ – the bedroom walls were covered with her Duran Duran cutouts from that same mag] Then I remember seeing the vid for "How Soon is Now?" on Rock Arena a couple of years later.  The lyric "There’s a club if you’d like to go/you could meet somebody who really loves you/So you go and stand on your own/and you leave on your own/And you go home/and you cry and you want to die" appealed to the teenage me sooo much. 
My sis was the Smiths fan really, and when she moved out in about ’86, she’d bring home Smiths LPs and I’d tape ’em.  My fave to this day is ‘Hatful of Hollow’ closesly followed by ‘The Queen is Dead’.   In HSC English Lit when we had to do an essay on song lyrics as poetry, my cool friend did the Triffids, whereas I focused on the Smiths’ ‘There is a Light that Never Goes Out.’ By my early 20’s I’d become slightly embarrassed of my love for the Smiths’,  and who can forget Mr Floppy’s 100000 Morrisseys? (Well probably quite easily really – "what shall we do/what shall we do/when one hundred thousand Morrisseys come marching over the hill") Now with the hindsight of the years, the songs stand up well.  And I still love them.  Thanks Moz.  Now that I think seriously about it, it probably wasn’t just teenage angst at all, I was chronically depressed, even back then. *sigh*

I’ve loved the Beatles since I was about 9 or 10:


Notes: When it came to the Beatles, it was my bro and I that collected all the albums. In Grade 5 I bought my copy of the White Album from Coles Variety in Ballarat (my sis worked there) and it came with a poster and 4 photos. I promptly stuck them up over my bed. My best buddy Anne just didn’t get it, and every time she was at my house said "Why have you got those creepy Beatles on your wall?" George was my favourite.

Oh the snot has caked against my pants:


Notes: Arthur Lee and Love.  ‘Forever Changes’ is one of my favourite albums ever.

Me and Sebby on the couch:


: just a mix tape, made one late night.

There’s a cat in my alley-way, dreamin’ of birds that are blue:


: Go-Betweens = one of my favourites, always and forever.  RIP Grant.

A mix of HP’s fave bands for his birthday:


Notes: On one of the first occasions that I spent any time with him, HP said "Do you like Iggy Pop?" and then proceeded to sing me ‘Living on the Edge of Night’ on his geetar. He doesn’t like a lot of bands, but the ones he does like are good.

On my stereo in 1989:


Notes: If I recall correctly, both Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr toured Australia in 1989…and I went to all the Melbourne Shows.

I love Syd Barrett:


Notes: The last song isn’t actually a Sid one, but one of my fave Pink Floyd ones, so I added it on.

Ween, another of my favourite bands. Yep, the best band of the ’90’s:


Notes:  Surprisingly, I have never seen Ween play live.  Usually due to lack of $$ at time of tour I’m guessing…I honestly can’t remember.  Mixwit is missing a lot of my fave Ween songs, but these ones are pretty good.  Least fave Ween albums: ‘pure guava’ and ’12 golden country greats’ …sorry guys.

The Sonics:


Notes: Cuz put me onto the Sonics, all those years ago. Bless.

Ben Lee:


Notes: Yeah, you all know I love Ben Lee. Big time.  The first time I saw Ben was in the early 90’s, at an all ages gig where Noise Addict were supporting Fugazi.  I remember thinking they were pretty good for such teeny tiny boys.  I look forward to listening and watching Ben grow old.


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