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On my radio 1982

The first time I heard this song I was enchanted and its been one of my favourites ever since.

Other 1982 faves:
Hearting Dave Mason.
I loved this band.
This one.
This one.
I must confess that this one will remain in my playlist until I die.

Did you go and see Starstruck at the pictures? I remember loving it!


Love Fridays!

Loving Friday today, as tonight is the start of an extra long weekend for me (and lots of other people, no doubt.) Having Monday off, and you’ve gotta love a public holiday for a horse race. Enjoy your weekend folks.

Pic of Phar Lap from here.
Home of Love Fridays here.

Blogtoberfest giveaway winner!

Thanks to all the peeps for entering, it showed me there’s lots of vintage reclaimed love out there, so I’ll do another giveaway along similar lines pre-Christmas.
Mr. Random Number page came up with:

Number 9 (possibly he’s a Beatles fan?)…which corresponds with Anja! So all these sweet things are off to Slovenia. Congratulations!

PS. Because I was having fun with random numbers, there’s a runner up prize containing something handmade, vintage and edible…that goes to number 6: The Essess. I’ll update with a pic when I work out what the prize is…hahah.

E-mail me at : podbobbins(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing details gals. Thanks.

Just a reminder

I’ll pick a winner roughly this time tomorrow for my Blogtoberfest giveway. So go here and enter if you haven’t already.

Made by Me at Brown Owls

Kittehs! Chickens! A puffy kitteh! Lots of fun was had. I always seem to lose my mind at Brown Owls and can’t focus on anything, but these nice gals were very patient with me. Anna Laura showed us how to make puffy brooches, and I made a cat as per the one she showed us. So it’s her design, and a kitty badge made just for me to wear. Most pleased. More Brown Owls pics here.

PS. If you were there and heard me babbling about our new Bag Pod, check out the info I’ve put here…see if it makes more sense. The stats on the Morsbags page also suggest that bag recyclers are still the minority of shoppers and that plastic bag usage is still overwhelmingly prevalent. So please join in!

Cuteness at work

Scoping out my camera.
Baby magpie – will look cute for food.

Here’s today’s little work friend, he’s in the office down the hall from me. I didn’t find him, but he’s very cute, can’t fly at all yet, and likes eating dog food. (That’s what the goop is all round the corners of his beak.) When you go up and say hi to him*, he starts quietly chattering to you, and then once he’s established you’re not foe, he starts demanding snacks and sqwarking.

* he could be a she, I have no idea!

Sunday Stash

This is one of the latest additions to my stash, and probably my current favourite. Newly received last week from Retro Mummy’s shop, a very cute Japanese print with bunnies, birdies and deer. (deeries?) Apart from the cuteness I love the faded effect of the print…now, what to make with it?

Play along with Sunday Stash.

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The op-shop shall provide

aka "things I'm hoping to find there":
- old fashioned wire soap shaker

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- 1930s glass lamp shade

- "78" records

- vintage perpetual desk calendar


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