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Don’t forget my occasional Friday challenge!

Write someone a snail mail letter, or send a giftie or a package. Brighten their day via the postbox. (No I don’t work for Australia Post.)

A challenge for today

Down at the bottom of my blog, I have a list from the site “43 things”, which is a great place for inspiring and motivating you and tracking the stuff (both small and big) that you want to do. Anyway, I just noticed one that I’ve got there : “Write more letters”…which also has 1430 other people on board as well. So today I’m going to write a letter…a REAL snail mail letter. I can’t guarantee it will be long or involved, but just something to brighten a friend’s day. Why don’t you do the same?

Be like the Squirrel – week 3

As well as On my desk day, Wednesday is also the day where I make a new Squirrel list.  Nat seems pleased with my progress so far, and while I have to make an effort to do everything on the day I’m supposed to, by the end of the week, it’s not too bad.

This week: July 16 – 22

  • Wednesday: get a head massage
  • Thursday: eat a piece of fruit every day this week
  • Friday: clean dud clothes off chair in bedroom (because I still haven’t done that yet)
  • Saturday: go for a walk and take some photos along the way
  • Sunday: Make a pile of good saleable stuff for Nat’s stall (don’t worry Nat it’s not junk)
  • Monday: walk
  • Tuesday: cook something yummy for dinner

And of course, try and do some Tour de France KAL every day!

Goal Setting


Those of you who look at sidebars may have noticed that the 43 Things list popped up in mine.  I’ve been having a look at the site today, and it seems to be a good thing.  Check it out.

Be like the Squirrel Week #2

Confering with Nat on Monday, it seems that "being like the squirrel" is having a positive impact on me (although yesterday’s task went by the wayside as I was so tired I spent 3/4 of the day in bed.)  The task involved writing a snail mail letter to a friend of mine that I’ve lost contact with recently.  However, this post from Quilting Mick has given me inspiration – everyone is loving Sublime’s new embroidery patterns, and I thought I need to get my hands on the librarian one to make a present for neglected friend who also happens to be a librarian.  YAY!


So this week’s (July 9 – 15) Squirrel list involves:

  • Wednesday: Post long lost 5 things swap parcel to OzRob.  Sorry Robyn!
  • Thursday: Walk.  Somewhere. Somehow.
  • Friday: Clean dud clothes off chair in bedroom.
  • Saturday: Walk.
  • Sunday: Quality time with HP and the Staffs
  • Monday: Brown Owls!
  • Tuesday: Stitching for aforementioned friend’s pressie.

Be like the Squirrel

[by the way this clip is for the audio only, there’s no exciting piccys to watch]

Having Brekkie with my mate Nat today, who suggested that I do one thing a day to cross some things off my list of stuff to do that overwhelm me.

Obviously breaking things into pieces is always easier to get tasks done, or as Nat likes to say “You eat an elephant one bite at a time” (metaphorically speaking of course.)

So I promised her I’d give this a go, and pick something each day for the next week to tackle…no matter how banal it may appear to you organised types out there. The idea is to focus on things I have to do that affect my wellbeing, so this week:

Wednesday – new hair colour (cheating a bit because I’d already planned to do this, but …)
Thursday – 1 bag of old clothes that don’t fit to Salvos bin
Friday – walk
Saturday – clear junk off kitchen table and make it look purty – fresh flowers
Sunday – another walk
Monday – tidy out laundry and put stuff in it’s proper place
Tuesday – write letter to long neglected friend

And in the interests of commitment I’ve put it on the blog.

Happy Talk

You know the song
You don’t actually have to watch that South Pacific clip, unless you’re a fan. Round the Portion-villa, we’re a bit fond of singing it and taking the piss (not unkindly though, just enjoying the kitsch value.) This movie is another one of my mum’s favourites. My favourite song from it is ‘Gonna Wash that Man Right out of my Hair’, not sure if I like the tune, the lyrics or the way in the movie the gals manage to make sudsy heads look glamourous. Anyway, I digress, we’re talking happy talk here.

So, in the interests of happiness and contributions thereto, today I just thought I’d share a few things that I’m loving right now:

1. The Decemberists – not that that’s anything new, but for some reason I can’t stop playing “The Mariner’s Revenge Song“. Probably something to do with my (non-Jack Sparrow related) love of pirates, as we old pirates love a good sea shanty.

2. Stationery – this is also nothing new, but I took this pic yesterday :


No, I didn’t need another note pad, but I HAD to have it! HAD to! I even got a micro-lecture from HP when I added it to the shopping about how unneccessary it was. But I’ve always been addicted to pens, notepads, et al, ever since I was a wee Drewzel. I suppose I was destined for an office job.

3. Friends that make me laugh – especially at work.
Part of e-mail convo from Knitting Knazi:

From: the knitting knazi
Sent: Wednesday, 26 March 2008 11:09 AM
To: drewzel
Subject: Re: The closest you’ll get to one of those soppy friendship emails from me.

As a fellow member of the Les-Miserables-Is-NOT-Opera Society I sincerely promise to never tell you I’m reading ‘My Steve’



4. Half (or less) price Easter Eggs – friends, eggs, choccy bunnies, lend me your ears!  During lunchbreak yesterday, my friend Cathy and I were actually waiting next to the manager at our local K-mart yesterday as he was marking down all the leftovers.  Say YES! to Red Tulip Elegant rabbits for $1!

5. Michael Palin (see earlier post). But don’t worry Ben Lee, I still love you too! (S’yeah right, I’m sure he’s worried.)

6. Sweet caring people who send me mail lurve to cheer me up:


7. Friends lending me fun books:


[Stay tuned for further adventures of Mike the policeman.]

8. I think this is quite obvious from the earlier things I love, but yep, friends, that care and help when things are crap.  Friends that care and help when things are good. You know who you are.  Yay!

Okay peeps, not that I’m starting memes or anything, but if you’re reading this, the challenge is to do some Happy Talking and list some things on yer blawg that make your sun shine.  And sing some South Pacific tunes too if you feel so inclined.

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