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Eye Candy

Pip put me onto this flickr user…and Kana* has some mega-cuteness in her photos. I loved this one, think I’m getting a bit of a “thing” for Bambi!

Retro deer hankie, originally uploaded by kana*.


Happy "ectoplasm"

ectoplasm, originally uploaded by undream.

This photo made me laugh this morning… from a set on Flickr. Back in the early 20th century, there were many seances arranged and attempts to contact the spirits of loved ones….photos were taken and probably doctored to be extra spooky. The photo caption reads: “The medium was Mrs. Mary Marshall. She was attempting to channel Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose face was beginning to appear in this photo. Doyle was a big believer in Spiritualism.”
The combination of her facial expression, the Santa beard like ectoplasm, and the little face make this photo priceless!

I’m trying to squeeze in as much happy as I can today!

A favourite illustration

Day 14 of 21, originally uploaded by Chickengirl Design.

Jannie does great work. And she loves chickens. ‘Nuff said.


How to be a more interesting woman, 1965
Originally uploaded by Woof Nanny.

Reading this might help my blogging somewhat.

Glamorous underthings

Glamorous underthings, originally uploaded by Janno Joliat2007.

I just came across this photo on Flickr and I’m feeling rather inspired. I’ve been looking for an image to do as a piece of stitching artwork (a la Jenny Ryan) , and I think this might be the one!

More chickens

Firstly, thanks to all the peeps who said hi in my previous post.  While I don’t really do this blog with the intention of entertaining the masses, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there in the void.

Since the holidays, I have got myself into a bad cycle of staying up late, and consequently, at work in the mornings, I feel like crap.  Like now.  Time for another cup of tea, and I think I better resolve to get some early nights.

Now onto the chickens.  I saw this pic on Flickr and instantly loved it!  If you’re a fan of the chook, check out Lena’s photo sets.   She says that this photo wasn’t staged, she glanced out the window and noticed chickens in the morning sun. Did I tell you already that one of my things to do for 2008 was to “get two chickens for the back yard”?


Chooks on the Podium, photo by Chook Poo

Christmas is biting at my heels

Sparkly Star and View, originally uploaded by lucyellen06.

The regular reader (if any) may notice that the Portion has been quiet lately. I’ve been a bit swamped with pre-Christmas crafting, work and home life in general. And no, I’m not organised.

In lieu of an Aussie Summer Xmas pic, here’s Lucyellen’s gorgeous yard, all White Christmas like. Gorgeous.

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