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Meme Time

Found this one over at Zazazu’s and quite liked it –

Passions in my life…

1. Kindness to animals

2. Fairness and equality

3. Chocolate and Tea

4. Crafting – sewing, embroidery, glueing pretty things together.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

6. Life in the early 20th century

7. Beauty and goodness – in people, places, nature, found objects, things.

8. Music

8 Things to do before I die

1. Go up in a balloon

2. Be happy and content3

. Live right on the beach

4. Finish renovating the house I’m currently in

5. Be able to manage my finances sensibly

6. Do more for others.

7. Consume less.

8. Visit New York, Japan, New Zealand, and travel all over Australia.

8 Things I often say…

1. “Pod.”

2. “ Sorry.” (for no good reason)

3. “I’m not awake yet.”

4. Any sentence ending in “…cup of tea.”

5. “I can’t be arsed.”

6. “Bloody animals!”

7.  “Gonna be a big sleep tonight.”

8. “Crikey!”

8 Books I have read recently…

1. Sublime Stitching

2. Not your Mama’s Knitting

3. Dirty Jobs

4. Softies

5. Trinny and Susannah’s Don’t Wear Your Undies Backwards (or something like that)

6. Don’t Visit the Cosmetic Counter Without me

7. Some book on Self Esteem that Nat gave me

8. The Modern Book for Girls

8 Songs that mean something to me

1. Wide Open Road – The Triffids

2. Strong – Robbie Williams

3. There is a light that Never Goes Out – The Smiths

4. Right Here – The Go-Betweens

5. Into the Dark – Ben Lee

6. I Believe in a thing Called Love – The Darkness

7. You Can’t Always Get What you Want – the Rolling Stones

8.  “Pooh the glistening turd” – this is a happy little number that HP and I came up with on our wedding day.

8 Qualities I look for in a friend…

1. A good person

2. Can make me laugh

3. Similar sensibilities

4. Independent thought

5. Reliability

6. Comfortable silences (I pinched this one off Zazazu)

7. Down to Earth

8. Must love chocolate 

…Have a go at this one if you like.


Bunny with cheez

Work is super busy at the moment, and I think we’re all more than ready for Summer Holidays.  Work buddy Nell sent me this pic this morning, so I’m sharing, ’cause I loves a bunny!  (link for more Cheezburger goodness in the sidebar, as always.)


Right now I’m eating lunch (exciting 2 minute noodles) and listening to a kewl kristmas cd that I got in the mail yesterday from Knit Vicious.  Lots o’ goodly songs, and I especially like the cover:


I think Nick and Kylie should do a Christmas songs album, a la Kenny and Dolly:


Nick?? Kylie?? Can you hear me?

Okay, back to the mines…

On the beach

staffs on the beach, originally uploaded by drewzel.

Just a pic from last night – went to the beach near a mate’s house in Mt Eliza, and took the Staffords for a swim. Although we both ended up going for a dip in our clothes as it was sooo hot and the water was sooo nice!

Love this!

I love all the fab stuff on this site, but especially this Helen Garcia design.


Mmm, and it’s almost morning tea time.

Check it out!


If you’ve been to a Meet Me at Mike’s Stitching Night, or just love Mike’s in general, please join in!


Time to Tie, originally uploaded by lucyellen06.

Argh! I am so anxious and stressed at the moment, I feel overcommitted and under-resourced, and I think I’m in danger of falling in a heap.
So in lieu of any profound (!) blog posting, here, have some eye candy courtesty of LucyEllen. Yummy.


I know it isn’t thrilling to blog about the weather, but overnight we’ve had some lovely lovely rain…yay!

Weather map looks like this right now:


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