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silly pose

is our 4th wedding anniversary. I was going to put a wedding pic up, but you’ve seen them and anyway, I much prefer this pic of HP striking a silly pose. 99% of the time, if you point a camera at him, that’s what he’ll do. He’s a good one. xx



For those of you that don’t Facebook, look what Lola delivered us last night between the hours of 6 and 9 pm. Hurrah! Everyone is doing well, although Ozzy (the dad) is a bit perplexed.

Happy stuff on couch

stuff on couch, originally uploaded by drewzel.

A pic I took on Saturday night, happy things on my couch. My ye olde ipod, some fab new zines and badges from Sticky, and my new fave thing, my “new” 2nd hand laptop which HP revived for me. Hurrah!

Happy week at Mikes.

On my wall

Hollie tagged me for this one, so here’s some pics of what’s on my bedroom wall right now:

Framed vintage Needlecraft mag.

Vintage Chinese cigarette advertising poster, birdy prints from Etsy.

Lyrebird mirror and ballerina requistites-t-t-t-t-teeeeeeets…

Above dressing table, more ballerinas and op-shopped Eiffel Tower watercolour.

And a bonus pic of china doggie friend for cuteness:

If you’re reading this, then you’re tagged, take some pics and show us what’s on your walls!

Park the car at the side of the road

And take a picture of our house, Mr Google Maps.  As Google is my homepage, I noticed on Wednesday night that they had updated their maps to "street level", so of course I had to go have a look at the Portionvilla, in all it’s junkyard glory.  But what really made me laugh is that they had driven past just as HP was wandering around on the nature strip, and took what is possibly the most unflattering pic of him to date – he looks like he has no legs and a huge pot belly.

Here you go, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent:


And for a prettier pic, here’s the parental homestead:


[Dad has a nice rose garden]

While I’m fascinated to be able to take a virtual "drive" around suburban and city streets, I also find it somewhat disturbing as it seems so insidious. 

Last night when I got home from work, my next door neighbour said to me "Stephanie! Have you seen Google maps?"  and she was all excited.  I said, yep, I know there’s a picture of HP on there.  And we had a good laugh.  I’m not sure I would be laughing though if it was a pic of my bargearse out there doing the gardening.  Hmm.

Domesticity and op-shopping

Kitchen Apron, originally uploaded by Playingwithbrushes.

Round the portionvilla, we’re still in the process of decluttering. Yesterday I put 6 bags of assorted clothes, bedding, kitchen stuff and Tupperware into the boot of the car to drop off at the oppy tomorrow. (In addition to the 5 bags I left there on Thursday.) So I’ve had a bit of a break from the ‘puter, and am still working on some overdue (hi Anthea!) stitching projects.

I’m thinking I might have to avoid the op-shop for a few weeks, to avoid the tempation of buying back the stuff I donated, har har. I did pick up some odds and ends on Thursday though… a vintage rectangular frosted mirror, some 70’s writing sets, a cute coffee cannister, a nice 50’s choccy tin, more doileys for The Project, more white pillowcases for stitching, a new ironing board cover, a odd little birdie bakelite ashtry and a old tin letter rack with pics of vintage cars on it. I had to restrain myself from buying a 40’s dinner set, it was pale green, with a rose motif in the centre, and had scalloped edges with gold trim. Most of it was there, but I decided not to get it, as HP is very wary of using my old china for everyday meals (except for the Beryl and Iris pieces), so there was really no point in getting them. And I decided the bowls were too small and shallow. Added to this, it was being sold by the piece, and the price tags were just too high! Of course, now I’m thinking about it, I’d wish I’d bought it, but NO I don’t need it.


Tin and birdie ashtray on coffee table.


(Crappy photo of mirror, not in perfect condition, but still charming.  My mother had a diamond shaped one with the same design.)


(Little coffee cannister in a fave colour combo.  And I like the fact that the base proudly states “Made in Australia”.)

After an experience with no money and a blue wren traced linen tablecloth recently, I’ve decided my first rule of op-shopping is: IF YOU LOVE IT, BUY IT, RIGHT NOW ‘CAUSE IT WON’T BE THERE WHEN YOU GO BACK!!! So when I found these hanky sets the other week, I swallowed my pride and asked HP to transfer some money.



Hand stitched on Irish linen.  Pretty, and I love the 30’s design box. So far the theme for 2008 seems to be “out with the new, in with the old”…for my homewares anyway.

In the front yard this morning


Couple o’ pics taken while HP was bashing the dead car (not the Rover) this morning.  Here’s daddy and one of the baby magpies, they were up the road, hunting for breakfast.  Even though the little ones are big now, they still squeak to be fed.


And here’s a banksia growing in our front yard.  It’s a prostrate one, hidden in amongst the weeds.  It’s the first time it’s flowered, so I’m rather pleased.

Drewzel (the real one) sees me out the front with a camera, so she starts rolling on the footpath like the hussy she is.  Why do cats do that?  Here she is, lovin’ the morning sun on the concrete.


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