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Oh yes

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

I am currently wishing my heart away on a little pied a terre project, but there’s a couple of obstacles. So people, cross your fingers and toes for mine and send good good vibes my way.

Sorry to sound vague, but I’m trying not to jinx anything, and only my gals the Knitting Knazi and Edna know about it so far.

Please please please!!!!!….


When good crafting goes bad!

OMG! (I don’t often say that.) But that’s what I thought when I found this at the Salvos oppy today. Ewwww! I knew it had to be mine, so I could rescue all the pretty doileys from this hell. Poor achy breaky embroidery, you want to see the back of this shirt, don’t you? I know you do…

 So tonight I spent 3 and a half hours unpicking the doileys…and ended up with 11 full and one chopped up doiley.  After I give them a good clean, I’ll add a couple to the collection and the rest can go to my Doiley Project.  In the meantime, everyone please promise me they’ll only craft for good, not the darkside.

The Doiley Project


Hooray for the inspirational blogging world!  It’s amazing when something that seems perfectly obvious just never occurs to you.  So it was until I read this post.  Any reader of my blog(s) will know that I love vintage embroidery and old linens, and so I have a nice little collection of doileys and tablecloths.  Amelia has given me the idea to make a quilt out of some of my doiley collection – that is, the ones that are stained in places, the ones that are a bit shabby and uninteresting, but not my absolute favourites that are currently in use under my bric-a-brac and thingymajigs.  It does seem a shame to cut them up, but I plan to trim as little as possible off them (but I am trimming off the lacey edges) and stitch them together so they’re all gorgeous and on display.

So that’s my new quilt project…now if I could just finish the other two I’ve got on the go…


One thing I love about the crafty blog world is that people are often on the same page as you (metaphorically speaking).  I’ll be in a mood or headspace and I’ll be struggling to find the words to express it, and then I’ll happen on a blog post from another crafter that expresses it perfectly.   This happened earlier this morning, which is a real bonus for a Monday (I do get Mondayitis).   I came across Betty’s post and I can really relate to the part about her mission statement being to “Live Within Your Means”.   
It was good to read on this Monday morning, as I came home from work on Friday to find HP cleaning and decluttering the kitchen, and a kitchen table filled with rejected appliances we don’t use, kitchen gadgets we don’t need, and mugs, mugs, mugs!  He’d even taken the GIANT bag of plastic shopping bags back to the supermarket, bless him.  It set the theme for the weekend, as we continued to clean, tidy and purge.  And it makes me feel so much better, to have a bit more space and tidiness in my home.  We are by no means finished, and I must admit I’m too ashamed of the clutter to share any photos with you.  But it was a really good first step, and I filled 3 garbage bags and 4 biggish cardboard boxes with stuff for the op-shop.   One thing I’ve noticed myself doing is replacing all our crockery with vintage thrift finds, and the same goes for the canisters, “bric-a-brac” and bed linen.  And it makes me happy to do it.  I like to think I’m recycling the past.

Another thing I have decided to put more emphasis on this year is “sewing for self”. Yesterday I stitched up a (thrifted 99c) white pillowcase with this simple design, and put it on my bed last night.  And I was so pleased, because to look around my home (apart from my workroom) you wouldn’t think I’m a crafter, because 99% of my creations are for gifts, swaps or are bags for sale.    One of my (previously) unwritten, New Year’s resolutions was to do less swaps, and generally only swap if it’s meaningful or I know the person I’m swapping with.   My workroom is full of swapped stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly, and really, unless it’s handmade with love, it’s more stuff I don’t need.  So I’ll work on quality, not quantity with swapping, and devote some of my time and handiwork to making things that I can keep, use and enjoy.

That’s where I’m at for 2008 crafting resolutions.  As with all plans, they may go awry, but I guess that’s all part of life’s rich pageant.

And to illustrate the point, here’s a tea towel that I started back in November at a Mike’s stitching night, and finally finished.  I was going to give it away, but I like it, so, I’m keeping it.  Cheers.



Project to make

Note to self, make some of these.

Check it out!


If you’ve been to a Meet Me at Mike’s Stitching Night, or just love Mike’s in general, please join in!

Yet another project!

Earlier today I listened to this podcast, and now I’m all excited to create some sort of book from my crafty blog entries.  My idea is to show the role that creativity and crafting plays in managing my depression.  I know I’m not alone in that…it would be super fab if every blogging crafty “black dog fighter” did the same.  I’d love to read them all, and the theraputic benefit and boost to the self-esteem of the writers would be enormous.  I’ve never been a “dear Diary” sort of person, and this blog is the closest I’ve come to any sort of regular journal.  So, another thing to add to my always growing list of projects.

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