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This is…my favourite thing from nature.

One of my favourite things are birdies. Native birdies mainly, mostly parrots and honeyeaters, but I also love magpies, as any regular reader of the Portion may know. So it goes almost without saying that this is one of my favourite things from nature. This page describes the call as: “A loud musical flute-like song, often performed as a duet or by groups. An uncommon alternative name for the Australian Magpie is Flute Bird.”

Another favourite is the call of the Butcherbird, although I’m not as happy if hear them around as they like to menace the budgies. But still a lovely sound. As I’m a bird nerd I’m loving this list of birdcalls. Every day is a good day if I’ve heard some magpies (and birds in general) singing outside my window.

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This is… a favourite quote

Further to my previous post, I thought this quote was lovely:

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”
~Eskimo proverb

This is at Angela’s place.

Happy at Mikes.

Photo credit:
McNaughts Comet Eyre Peninsula South Australia, originally uploaded by john white photos.

This is…something I’m surprised that I like

I’d never been here before until I met my husband over 10 years ago …and now I’m a Frankytown resident. (HP refused to move to the city.) The place has a bad reputation, as the home of bogans and general scrotes, but like any large town, it has it’s good points and bad.

Bad =
-Railway station, smells like pee and always has dodgy types asking you for cash. Further to that, the train ride seems to take agggggggggggges
-Young Street, especially near Railway Station crossing
-NQR in Beach Street is always full of deadshits (but I still shop there)
-Obnoxious people at the pubs/nightclubs on the weekends (but that could be anywhere)
-The fact that the lovely Art Deco building that was once the Post Office is now Kittens fanny-dancing club
-The fact that the stip style Nepean Hwy shopping centre has suffered as a result of the big enclosed shopping centre development a few blocks over
-The Peninsula Centre – the biggest eyesore on the landscape

Good =
-I live here!
-Proximity to beaches, bays and the goodness of the Mornington Peninsula
-Op-shop joy – I seem to be in the minority in my love for vintage goods and recyclable kitsch
-The new Waterfront development is looking fab
-The view from Oliver’s Hill
-Big Spotlight 3 minutes from my house
-High availablity of snot blocks
-Can always park near your house – none of that parking 4 blocks away like I had to when I lived in St Kilda
-Local library = excellent
-Mornington Main Street shopping 15 minutes away
-I’m here! (oops I already said that.)

When I first moved down this way, it was a bit of a culture shock and I didn’t think I’d get used to it…but it’s okay. 10 years later, don’t ask me for street directions, I still couldn’t tell you, but I like living here. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be here forever…

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Photo source here. [taken in 1971 folks]

This favourite film

Hooray for Miss Hollie Hokey for suggesting this week’s theme. My favourite film is this one from 1987:

Hopefully these clips will give you a sense of the setting of the film, a small Aussie country town in the 1960’s. I can relate to this film a lot, I love the characters, the teenage angst, the struggle to be an individual in a small town where fitting in and doing what your parents did is the norm, and the sense of isolation and yearning that Danny (Noah Taylor) feels. So much Aussie goodness… And as a bonus, it has Ben Mendelsohn in it, who I adore!

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[Credits: Clips are from this wonderful site, and are provided for non-commercial/educational purposes only.]

This is…my current reading material

I’m very non-committal about reading lately. It’s just hard to find time to knit and read and embroider. (Yes, I know, talking books/books on tape are the answer.) Anyway, apart from all the magazines I buy and don’t get around to reading, these two are on the go, borrowed from my sis:

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This is…my favourite kitchen tool

I actually don’t like the kitchen much. I don’t enjoy cooking, but can on occasion get excited about baking cupcakes. Most of my time in the kitchen seems to be occupied by cleaning, and making tea. (HP is the cook of the household.) But a fave kitchen tool…of course, it’s my Sunbeam Mixmaster (of which I actually have two…one is a parts machine). Mum had one of these when we were kids (and still does) and so the Mixmaster is of course associated with childhood cakey goodness. HP bought me one last year and I do love it…even if I don’t cook much! In an ideal world, mine would be blue, green, pale yellow or pink, but the prices these colours fetch now is ridiculous! Mine was tucked away in the cupboard this morning, so I’ve relied on teh good ol’ interwebs for some Mixmaster prettiness:

Sunbeam Mixmaster, originally uploaded by Miss Retro Modern.
I’m pretty sure mine is the same model as Karen’s above, and I just have to find the small bowl still. I also have the juicer attachment, but I haven’t been game to try it out yet!

And look, for everything you EVER wanted to know about them, a delightful site here.

Flickr group for Mixmaster goodness is here.
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This is …show off time

A hard topic this week, contrary to my usual boofy behaviour, I’m not actually good at geniuinely showing off…you know, self esteem issues and all that. But for this week, I’ll show off an old picture of me taken when I was at uni, that my friend Jana took, that is half decent. I hate having my photo taken, and usually find the results cringeworthy. But this is one of a whole B&W roll of film of pics of me, I’ve lost most of the others, and I keep it as proof that I was young and sorta good looking once upon a time. Ahahhaha.

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