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DIY calendar giveaway

My good mate Nelle sent me the link for this the other day, as she knew I’d love the birdies. And I think this one qualifies as “cheater craft” because all I did was print it out, bind it, and put a string on it. It’s designed so that you can rip away each month as it’s finished, I find that rather satisfying! I think there may well be a few of these added to Christmas presents…
Of course, such easy goodness should be shared, so leave a comment and I’ll pick 2 random winners and send you one. {Entries close 11 am, Friday 28th Nov.]
The link for the calendar is here:

Sunday Stash

Today’s stash fabric was some that I ordered from Duckcloth back in early September and then promptly forgot all about. It’s a Japanese Trefle brand heavy cotton, with happy chickens. (Of course.)

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Made by Me at Brown Owls

Kittehs! Chickens! A puffy kitteh! Lots of fun was had. I always seem to lose my mind at Brown Owls and can’t focus on anything, but these nice gals were very patient with me. Anna Laura showed us how to make puffy brooches, and I made a cat as per the one she showed us. So it’s her design, and a kitty badge made just for me to wear. Most pleased. More Brown Owls pics here.

PS. If you were there and heard me babbling about our new Bag Pod, check out the info I’ve put here…see if it makes more sense. The stats on the Morsbags page also suggest that bag recyclers are still the minority of shoppers and that plastic bag usage is still overwhelmingly prevalent. So please join in!

Pluggity plug plug

I’m going to this one on Nov 22nd… Cate of Polka Dot Rabbit has organised it. Any local peeps got a day or two to spare for a good cause?

Brown Owls last night…

more animals

…was a hoot!

Normally I blog this on Shabby Chicken, but here’s a little pic of my booty from last night…door prize (thanks Barrel Girl Brooke), Danielle Owl, and my GRRR notebook. (I wish I’d made the back of my embroidery tidier, but not to worry. Sharon has another pic of it here.) And I am also the happy owner of one of these! Go Hokey! Thanks again to the Brown Owls gang for making it super-fun and hi to all teh cool blogging peeps I chatter to without even realising who you are! Yes I’m looking at you Hoppo Bumpo(…and Nomes too, for that matter.)

Wardrobe refashioning part 1a – hindered

On Sunday night, in an attempt to reclaim some sewing mojo, I got my machine out of my craft room and camped on the (much roomier) kitchen table. Well it was roomier, until Drew (yes the Drewzel) came along and decided to help. What is it with cats and craft?

“I can haz sewing masheen?”


kuties 9, originally uploaded by drewzel.

I went to the fab fun Kraft Kuties Knicker konstruction day, and had a ball. Ms Painter Girl has blogged it fabulously here. Given I was a bit under the weather (ahem) I didn’t manage to finish anything successfully, but I thought I’d show you a pic of another Kutie’s gorgeous undies, vintage sewing basket and pincushion. When I successfully manage to build a pair, I’ll show you a pic. Special mention goes to Kerry’s colourful pair crafted out of a Ken Done t-shirt, as they brought back some 80’s memories for me. Noice, unyewsual, interesting!

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